Acqua Universo - Experiences


Many experiences are:

Sparkling. Tastes good and soft. My skin doesn't feel so dry anymore. Great for your hair. I use one half less washing-powder than before. I do not use any fabric softener anymore. No more deposits on my glasses from the dishwasher. The water feels different. (thicker). Fuller. Easier to digest. Plants are doing well. Makes you feel great. A continuous fresh quality, easy to drink without smells.

But also:

Surprising! Emotionally turbulent, more energy, became physically and emotionally stronger. Absorbs better.

Other experiences:

"Since the vitaliser has been installed, I always sing in the shower. It makes me happy." - E.K.

"Much more joy at home." - M.P.

"I love showering in this fine water. Our pet (cat) is no longer anxious, she is much more relaxed. We have several types of birds, frogs and so on in our yard. The energetic value of the herbs and plants is much higher. I wish that other people would have the possibility of owning a vitaliser at home/work/school." - L.v.V.

"Taking a bath is wonderful, especially when you’ve been around a lot of people. I really feel ‘clean’ afterwards. I also feel a sense of gratitude towards the water. It is so great to be able to drink tap water instead of buying bottles of mineral water. I also experience more harmony in my environment. I could not live without it anymore." - L.N.

"Right after the vitaliser was installed, some of our family members experienced some mild headaches and had sore throats. This was over after a few days." - H.F.