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The prices mentioned below include VAT, but exclude installation. During the installation of vitalisers we also perform, if desired, an electrosmog measuring and a water research.

Travel costs (outside the region of The Hague) and/or shipping costs are not included in the price. Click below to find out more about our products.

Penne Vitale d'Oro Penne Vitale d'Oro

Price: € 75,00

Vitaliser in the form of a pen

Acqua Gocciola Acqua Gocciola

Price: € 185,00

The tapvitaliser

Acqua Cosino Conico Acqua Cosino Conico

Price: € 185,00


Acqua Ouroboros (28mm) Acqua Ouroboros (28mm)

Price: € 1.500,00

For everything you use tab water for

Acqua Goccia Acqua Goccia

Price: € 1.500,00

For cooking, washing and drinking

Acqua Ouroboros d’Oro (28mm) Acqua Ouroboros d’Oro (28mm)

Price: € 1.850,00

The real Ouroboros

Acqua Orient d’oro (28mm) Acqua Orient d’oro (28mm)

Price: € 1.850,00

Fabulous golden vitaliser

Lamina Radiazione Lamina Radiazione

Price: € 130,00

Round plate made of stainless steel

Acqua Scettro Regolare Acqua Scettro Regolare

Price: € 1.600,00

Adjustable vitaliser

Ophangbeugel voor Lamina

Price: € 17,00

Lamina 5G Occhio di Angelo Lamina 5G Occhio di Angelo

Price: € 209,00